Test Drive a Datsun in South Africa
Test Drive a Datsun

Test Drive a Datsun

Test Drive an Affordable Datsun at Group 1

The Datsun brand has relaunched in South Africa, and now offers consumers some of the most affordable vehicles in the country. From hatchbacks and people carriers to panel van light commercial vehicles, there is a Datsun to suit every driver’s needs on our Group 1 Datsun showroom floor. If you would like to experience the fun of driving a Datsun for yourself, please Request a Datsun Test Drive using the test drive booking form on this page. Alternatively you can contact us directly at any one of Group 1 Datsun Showrooms in Gauteng, The Western Cape and the Eastern Cape to Book Your Datsun Test Drive with us.

Test Drive A Datsun Anywhere!

Not got time to visit one of our Datsun Showrooms? Not a problem! We’re more than happy to get the Datsun Demo Vehicle to you, which will allow you to Test Drive a Datsun at either your home or work at a time that is most convenient to you. Additionally, when you get to Test Drive a Datsun in a familiar environment it will allow you to make a relaxed and decision about which vehicle will best suit your needs. From hatchbacks and people carriers to LCV’s, there is a Datsun for every occasion and every situation. Work or play, you’ll soon be able to drive a Datsun your way!

Bring a Friend or Family Member With!

We at Group 1 Datsun firmly believe that two opinions is better than one, which is why we suggest that you bring a friend or family member whose opinion you value along for the Datsun Test Drive. Not only will this allow you to get a second opinion, but it will also give your friends and family the opportunity to see just how good the New Datsun Brand is.


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