Datsun Fleet Vehicles – Affordable Reliability!
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Datsun Fleet Vehicle Sales

When the cost of ownership, reliability and versatility play a big part in your vehicle fleet needs it might be time to look at our selection of Datsun Fleet Vehicles! No matter if you’re looking to expand your delivery fleet, update your people carriers or simply establish a transport fleet for your sales representatives, the Datsun GO Range offers all of this in one an affordable package.

What the Datsun GO Offers Fleet Managers

From delivery vehicles to people carriers there is literally an affordable Datsun GO Fleet Vehicle for any occasion:

Datsun GO

This is possibly one of the most cost-effective sales representative or business run-around vehicles currently sold in South Africa! It is stylish, comes loaded with safety and convenience features and is incredibly cost-effective to service and maintain. It is also exceptionally fuel-efficient, which is great for people who spend most of their working day on the road visiting clients. There are two trim levels available, the GO Mid and the GO Lux. Please visit our Datsun GO page to find out more details about this fantastic fleet vehicle option.

Datsun GO+

An affordable 7-seater which offers a surprising amount of comfort all rolled into a very cost-effective fleet vehicle package! The Datsun GO+ makes a good people carrier for businesses that need to get their people places in as safe a manner as possible. From shift staff such as security officers to private taxi drivers who want to keep their fuel and maintenance costs down, the Datsun GO+ should be your first choice when the cost of ownership in your people carriers plays a big part in your purchasing decisions. Two trim levels are available, namely the Datsun GO+ Mid and the Datsun GO+ Lux. For a more detailed breakdown of these excellent people carriers please visit our Datsun GO+ Vehicle Page.

Datsun GO Panel Van

The quintessential cost-effective and reliable goods delivery or service team vehicle! From plumbing contractors to courier companies, there is very little that this superb LCV cannot offer a business or fleet owner. It is well-priced, economical to run and maintain and provides a good fleet platform from which to operate both in the urban environment and on the open road. Although there is only one trim level available, this Datsun GO Panel Van comes loaded with safety and convenience features and is both easy on the eye and fun to drive. For more details on this affordable LCV please visit our Datsun GO Panel Van Page.

Contact Us Regarding Your Fleet Needs!

Our Group 1 Datsun Sales team and Datsun Go Vehicle Range are ready to assist you with all of your Vehicle Fleet Needs! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Group 1 Datsun in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Uitenhage or Port Elizabeth to discuss all of your Datsun Fleet Vehicle needs.


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