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Datsun Service Centre – Because It’s A Datsun!

Our Datsun Service Centre is the heart of our operation, and plays a major part in ensuring that the relationship between you are your Datsun Car is a long and stress free one. From the friendly and efficient staff, to the exceptional vehicle services performed by our highly trained Datsun automotive technicians, we’re here to make your journey with the Datsun brand so much more memorable.

Why Choose a Datsun Service Centre?

Our Datsun Service Centre is backed by our many years of Nissan/Datsun expertise, and uses only the very best automotive repair equipment and state of the art diagnostics. It is also staffed by fully qualified Datsun technicians who assist with ensuring that you and your Datsun are kept on the road with the least amount of fuss, little inconvenience, and in a way that best suits your budget.

When we Service Your Datsun Car, we promise to provide you with:

  • The best Datsun technical assistance in the country
  • Affordable Datsun Service Pricing levels
  • A quick Service Turnaround Time
  • Major and Minor Datsun Service options
  • Complete Datsun Repair and Overhaul facilities
  • Datsun Fleet Service and Vehicle Upkeep Options

Datsun Service Centre Promotions

As part of our ongoing campaign to provide the most affordable Datsun Car Service Options to our customers we regularly offer Datsun Service Centre Promotions. This not only allows us to provide an even more cost effective vehicle repair and maintenance service to our Group 1 Datsun customers, but also helps ensure that your Datsun will be able to service you, your family, or your business for many years to come.

Please Note! All of the Datsun Service Centre Promotions that we run are available at all Group 1 Datsun and Group 1 Datsun Service Centres in Kuils River, Stellenbosch, Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Johannesburg.

A Datsun Service For YOUR Car!

When we Service a Datsun Car we ensure that the service is specifically tailored to the exact year and model to ensure that your car comes back to you in an even better condition than when you left it with us. We offer Service Centre Options for the following Datsun models:

GO LUX Service

The car that relaunched the Datsun brand and once again made it a household name! Affordable to own and a pleasure to drive, a GO LUX Service is as easy on the pocket as the car is on the eye.

GO+ 7 Seater Service

An affordable family car with an even more affordable maintenance regime, the GO+ 7 Seater Service program is there to ensure your Datsun is back on the road before you can say “school run”.

Go+ Panel Van

Our business is ensuring that your business stays on the road in the most cost effective way possible. From general services to complete rebuilds, our GO+ Panel Van Service is always available.

Book a Group 1 Datsun Service or Repair with Us

To ensure that you enjoy the best possible Datsun Service Centre experience, please contact us to book your Datsun Service in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape or Gauteng today. Alternatively, you can use the Datsun Service Centre booking form on this page to submit your request and we’ll contact you directly using the details that you provide us.


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