The Datsun GO is the Ultimate Student Car
The Datsun GO

2020 Datsun

Price from R 144,500
or R 1,799pm T&C’s apply

Get All the Attention!

As the ultimate student car the answer is easy! It is the definitive statement in self expression, freedom and independence. It is your ride into the future, and that future is bright with the Datsun GO. Full of fire, alive with possibility, there is nothing this little GO getter can’t achieve. Whether it is getting you to lectures on time, home for the holidays or road tripping with your chinas, with this little car you won’t let you miss any of those special moments. As a student you are finding yourself, discovering your autonomy, making your own rules, and what better way to start that journey than with the Datsun GO.

The Price is Right

With an über student- friendly starting price the Datsun GO not only looks good, runs like a rocket but also keeps your wallet happy.. Being a student and owning a car are no longer mutually exclusive. The Datsun GO has been designed with young, dynamic and thrifty students in mind. We want you to enjoy the freedom of the Datsun GO, not be chained down by expensive monthly repayments and running costs. With amazing fuel consumption figures of 5.21l/100km or 19.23km/l you will go far for less. This incredible fuel economy gives you the freedom to explore, to get out there and to discover what the big wide world has to offer.

Looking good, feeling better

The Japanese design and technology makes the GO a cut above the rest. Edgy, cool, spacious and a leader in its class;, these are the things that define the Datsun GO. Designed with comfort and safety in mind, the interior of the car offers ample boot space for luggage; the connected front seats make for a far more comfortable ride and also offer additional spinal support so no matter where you decide to road trip to you can do it in comfort. The mobile docking station gives you all your technology at your fingertips – access your phone’s data, including music, GPS and contacts. The dashboard’s funky design and leather feel grain add to the overall look, along with air-con, side storage and door pockets.

GO all the Way

As a student you have your own sense of cutting edge style. You are breaking boundaries and carving your own path in the world. With the Datsun GO, you now have the perfect partner. If dynamite comes in small packages then the Datsun GO is truly explosive. Budget friendly, cool, funky, safe and great looking. You don’t have to break the bank to drive a quality car. You want to turn heads, change the world as you know it, well why not start today. Book a Test Drive right now!


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All pricing subject to change based on expected manufacturer increases post lockdown

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