Datsun Go South Africa now available from Group 1 Datsun
Introducing South Africa’s Most Affordable Car To Own and Run - The Datsun Go!

2019 Datsun

Price from R 149,600
or R 1,899pm T&C’s apply

  • 2019 Datsun
    GO Mid

    From R 149,600
    or R 1,899pm*


    • Driver & Passenger Airbags
    • 7″ Touchscreen
    • Parking Sensors
    • Air Conditioner
    • Android Auto / Apple CarPlay
    • USB / AUX / FM / Bluetooth
    • Front Speaker
    • Electric Windows & Door Mirrors

  • 2019 Datsun
    GO Lux

    From R 166,300
    or R 2,099pm*


    • Same as the GO Mid
    • LED Daytime Running Lights
    • Rear Wiper & Washer
    • 14″ Alloy Wheels

The Datsun monthly installment reflected for each model above is subject to *Terms and Conditions

Our Latest Used Datsun GO Vehicles

The Datsun Go is possibly one of the best entry level cars in South Africa

Datsun GO – Freedom to Express!

Take to the streets with the stylish Datsun GO Car and never stop smiling at your freedom and independence that the Datsun GO gives you with advanced technology made for your lifestyle and bold design to reflect your spirit.

The innovative Japanese design means it’s lighter on fuel, more spacious and technologically advanced than most vehicles in this range. The Datsun GO is made for you, with added features and personalisation options to truly express your freedom.

Want to know more about the new Datsun GO Car? Enquire now and book a test drive from one of our Western or Eastern Cape showrooms today!


We were sold on the space. There is ample room in both front and rear for general purpose. There are some retro features that give the Datsun GO a vintage feel with present day tech. Some vintage features include the umbrella handbrake, mounted gear lever and linked front seats.

But that’s where the past ends and the present begins with beige plastic interior mouldings, fabric or leather seats, additional technology like AUX, USB charging, 12-volt accessory socket, central locking and much more available on even the low-spec version.


The Datsun GO has angular lighting, broad back and a distinctive grille centred with the trusted Datsun badge. You can personalise the Datsun GO to suit your personal style including adding a spoiler, alloy wheels, seat coverings, LED highlights and more with Datsun’s variety of lifestyle accessories available for purchase and fitting on your soon to be desirable Datsun GO.

Driving & Handling

The Datsun GO is surprisingly sprightly for the engine size, due to its light frame and 13-inch wheels. The suspension is fantastic compared to other vehicles in its class that can’t even handle large potholes and the speed-sensitive power steering is responsive when handling on straights and corners.

The Datsun GO is absolutely no-fuss at city speeds and is the ideal size for city parking. It’s entertaining around the bends and extremely fuel efficient for long hauls.

Overall Thoughts

A great entry-level vehicle for the fresh-faced youth looking to become independent without damaging their bank accounts. With backing from a major manufacturer like Nissan, you get alotta car for the price making the Datsun GO hard to stand out from its competitors.

It’s a light and fun vehicle in it’s bracket and well worth the pricetag.

The Highly Efficient Datsun Engine is Showcased by the Datsun Go Fuel Consumption Figures.

Datsun GO Fuel Consumption*

When driving the Datsun GO, you are going to be ecstatic at the amount of money you’ll save on fuel. The incredible fuel economy is the highlight of the innovative Japanese design.

Consumption rates Litres per 100 kms Kilometres per Litre
1.2 5.2 L/100 km 19.23 km/litre

*Subject to our Fuel Consumption Disclaimer

Datsun GO Safety Features

Now it is your turn to experience affordable safety features in a well priced vehicle thanks to the following Datsun GO Safety Features:

  • Driver & Passenger Airbags
  • ABS
  • Three-Point Seat Belts (Front)
  • Three-Point Seat Belts (Left and right rear)
  • Two-Point Seat Belt (Rear Central)
  • Child Lock
  • Immobilizer
  • Manual Central Locking

Datsun GO Dimensions

The Datsun GO is larger than most vehicles in its class and with light body structure, size translates to increased speed.

  • Datsun GO Length: 3785mm
  • Datsun GO Width: 1635mm
  • Datsun GO Height: 1485mm
  • Datsun GO Wheelbase: 2450mm
  • Datsun GO Ground Clearance: 170mm

Datsun GO Colours

Why hesitate when you can get the Best Datsun GO colours and drive away in the car of your dreams. Colours available include:

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Silver
  • White

Please Note! All metallic orders will be treated as special orders.

Frequently Asked Datsun GO Questions and Answers

Which Datsun GO Lux should I buy?

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The Datsun GO LUX is a model specific trim level and there is only one variant available within the range. However, there is a GO MID trim level version available which also comes with a wide range of safety and convenience features at an even more affordable price than the extremely well-priced Datsun GO LUX. For a full comparison of these two GO trim level variants please take a look at the pricing and comparison blocks at the top of this page. Alternatively you can download out latest brochure or chat to one of our helpful Group 1 Datsun Sales Team for more GO LUX and GO MID vehicle comparison information. Once you’ve decided which version of the GO best suits your needs. We can help you organise vehicle finance and insurance for your new Datsun vehicle.

What are the variants of the Datsun GO Lux?

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The Datsun GO LUX is a model variant of the GO range along with the GO MID, GO+ and the GO+ Panel Van. The MID and LUX versions of this popular range of entry level cars are great family vehicles and urban run-arounds, while the GO+ and GO+ Panel Van make for excellent people carriers and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV’s).

What is the top of the range Datsun GO?

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The Datsun GO LUX is the top of the GO City Car Range, and comes standard with additional exclusive LUX features such as LED Daytime Running Lights, a Rear Wiper with Washer and stylish 14″ Alloy Wheels.

Is there an automatic transmission version available in the Datsun GO?

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No, the entire Datsun GO range, including the LUX, is only available with a 5-speed manual transmission in South Africa.

Is the Datsun GO Lux a sedan?

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No, the Datsun GO LUX is a 5-door hatchback. This popular body style ensures that the GO MID and GO LUX fits perfectly into its city car class and makes it exceptionally versatile and the perfectly affordable urban all-rounder.

What are the safety features in Datsun GO Lux?

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The LUX comes standard with dual airbags, front and rear seatbelts, individually adjustable front seats and a spinal support driver’s seat. It also has ABS, comes standard with child locks and an immobiliser, and has central locking and parking sensors.

Does the Datsun GO Lux have airbags?

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Yes, the Datsun GO LUX has both driver and passenger front airbags that activate in the event of a crash. These safety airbags help to minimise the collision impact for both the driver and front passenger and contribute significantly to the safety rating of the Datsun GO LUX.

Does the Datsun GO have a radio?

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Yes and no… The NEW Datsun GO is not sold with a standard radio, however it does come with a Mobile Docking Station, or MDS for short, which is situated in the centre console. This will allow you to access FM radio as well as your phone’s satellite navigation, hands-free telephone, music player and radio via the AUX input.

Does the Datsun GO have aircon?

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Absolutely, yes! Both the Mid and the Lux trim levels come standard with air-conditioning along with a host of other comfort features which will ensure that the time spent in this city car is as pleasant as possible.

Does the Datsun GO have ABS?

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Yes, of course it does – as your safety is one of our primary concerns! Although this was not a standard feature in the previous generation of GO, the 2019 Datsun GO and later models all have ABS as a standard safety feature.

Is the Datsun GO reliable?

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The Datsun name is backed by more than a century of automotive expertise that is also aligned with Nissan’s quest to build the most reliable vehicles and the most affordable cost for a global market. So yes, the Datsun GO in all of its guises is an exceptionally reliable car. In fact, service intervals are every 15,000 km’s and it comes standard with a 6-year/150,000 km Manufacturers Warranty. There is also an optional Datsun GO Service Plan as well as a Maintenance Plan available. Above all of this, the GO is cost effective to own due to its low service costs and fuel consumption figures* (which you can take a look at just above the Datsun GO FAQ section of this page).

What size engine does the Datsun GO have?

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The Datsun GO range utilises an 1198cc Petrol Engine.

What are the engine specifications of the Datsun GO?

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The 1198cc DOHC 12 Valve, 3 Cylinder Petrol Engine that powers all Datsun GO modes variants and trim levels has a maximum power output of 50kW at 5000rpm and a maximum torque of 104Nm at 4000rpm. This gives the GO a top Speed of 161km/h.

What tyres does the Datsun GO have?

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The entire Datsun GO range utilises 165/70R14 tyres which are freely available at all reputable wheel and tyre shops in South Africa. We can also do tyre changes, tyre rotations and tyre repairs at our Approved Datsun GO Service Centres.

What is the Datsun GO luggage capacity?

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The luggage capacity of the New Datsun Go (2019 onwards) is an impressive 265 litres of luggage space, which is large for a vehicle of this class.

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