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Welcome to the Group 1 Datsun Blog, the home of the best Datsun Reviews and all of the breaking Datsun News in South Africa.

Here you will find all of the information you’ll ever need about the Datsun Brand, both in South Africa and abroad, and we’ll keep you updated with everything from model changes and new car releases, to Datsun driving tips and vehicle safety information. In fact, we suspect that this Datsun Blog will soon become the social media heart of Group 1 Datsun as we provide the best information in a format that is easy to use and fun to read.

From our entry level GO LUX, to the reliable GO+ Panel Van Light Commercial Vehicle, everything Datsun is covered in this blog. We hope you enjoy it!

2019 Datsun GO: Safety Improvements & More Features

Posted by on 01 Mar 2019 under Datsun, Datsun GO, New Vehicles

New Datsun GO

The 2019 Datsun GO

For more than 4 years the Datsun GO and its model derivatives have been some of the most affordable vehicles sold in South Africa, but now thanks to some serious upgrades incredible pricing is no longer this cars only virtue!

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Datsun Go Fuel Economy – The Facts!

Posted by on 26 Feb 2019 under Datsun, Datsun GO, Datsun GO Lux, General

Datsun GO Fuel Facts

The Datsun GO’s Fuel Efficiency is Impressive

The verdict is in and the much talked about Datsun GO Fuel Economy Figures are just as good as they were advertised to be! The 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder engine that powers the 2019 Datsun GO range will take you more than 600 km’s on a single tank, and this is all thanks to a VERY IMPRESSIVE 5.2-litres per 100 km fuel economy rate*.

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Datsun CROSS is Awarded “Best City Car”

Posted by on 22 Jan 2019 under Datsun, New Vehicles

Datsun CROSS

The ‘Best City Car’ – The Datsun CROSS

The Datsun CROSS was recently launched in Indonesia and it is already racking up some major awards! In fact, the biggest award so far has been the “Best City Car” Award handed out during the counties 17th annual Car of the Year Awards late in 2018.

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5 Cool Improvements to the New Datsun GO!

Posted by on 15 Jan 2019 under Datsun GO, New Vehicles

New Datsun GO

2019 Datsun GO

Since it was first launched in South Africa in 2014 the Datsun GO range of vehicles has gone from strength to strength. It was not only voted as the most affordable car in South Africa two years running but has also proven to offer a lot of bang for your buck across the entire model range. This value for money is still very evident in the New Datsun GO Range which was launched late in 2018. This latest version of the GO is still very affordable and exceptionally fun to drive but also has a number of other standout features. These include:

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The Groovy Datsun 140Z – A South African Original!

Posted by on 18 Dec 2018 under Datsun, General

Datsun B210

Datsun 140Z Inspiration

If you’re old enough to remember the late 1970’s in South Africa there is a very good chance that at some point you drove in or wanted to drive in a Datsun 140Z! This was the car that everybody wanted to own, and it became a genuine bona fide motoring icon that literally defined what it was to be cool on the roads of South Africa from 1977 until 1979. Even after this beast of a vehicle was discontinued its legacy lived on as the incredible Datsun 160Z, which we wrote about last month.

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Meet The New And Improved Datsun Range At Group 1!

Posted by on 14 Dec 2018 under Datsun, Datsun GO, Datsun GO Lux, New Vehicles

Datsun Go Range

Datsun Keeps GOing

The all-new Datsun Range has hit South African streets, and they will all have you living life to the full! Packed full of improved safety, comfort and convenience features that is many cases have never been available in their respective vehicle segments. All three of the following Datsun GO Models have been designed using the best Japanese technology and will turn heads and offer new levels of driving pleasure; all at an affordable price:

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The Incredible Datsun 160Z

Posted by on 30 Nov 2018 under Datsun, General

Datsun 160Z

Datsun 160Z

Anybody who grew up in the late 1970’s and the 1980’s will remember this incredibly unique Datsun 160Z Sports Coupe that was designed, built and assembled exclusively here in South Africa at the Datsun (now Nissan) manufacturing plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria. It was directly related to the popular Datsun 140Z (we’ll write about that next month), and to this day is very much in demand at motoring shows and by Datsun/Nissan enthusiasts looking to own one of these iconic vehicles.

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The 1400 Datsun Bakkie Remembered

Posted by on 28 Nov 2018 under Datsun, General

Datsun 1200 Bakkie

Datsun Bakkie

Known as the Sunny Truck when it was first launched in 1971, Datsun’s 1400 pickup soon became known simply as a 1400 bakkie, and for 37 years it ruled the roads and building sites of South Africa until it was retired and ultimately replaced by the Nissan NP200 in 2008.

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Put The Brakes On These 10 Bad Driving Habits

Posted by on 26 Oct 2018 under Car Tips, General

Car In Sunset

Driving Habits That Damage Your Car

Most of us are guilty of at least a few bad driving habits but did you know that it could lead to premature wear and tear? Although modern cars are designed to last, many bad driving habits could have detrimental effects on its lifespan.

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Limited Edition Datsun GO Flash Bolsters South African Market

Posted by on 12 Oct 2018 under Datsun, Datsun GO

Datsun GO Flash

The South African Market Gets The Datsun GO Flash

South Africans have come to love the Datsun GO and what it offers drivers from all walks of life. There is no doubt that Datsun is one of the most affordable and reliable brands people turn to, especially first-time buyers and young families. The numbers speak for themselves as Datsun South Africa sells more than 400 cars each month and for
good reason. Bolstering the local market even further, the automaker has released a limited edition Datsun GO Flash which is based on the GO Lux hatchback.

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